About Strickland Designs

Strickland Designs began as an independent consultancy in 2007 assisting on a project to implement OSS platforms for a very large telephone company acquisition. We provided expertise on every aspect of standing up Oracle's MetaSolv M6 product, and also helped in getting that system interfaced to several others. As a result, the client was able to interface data between M6, two different ordering front ends, a supply chain system, dispatch and network activation systems. Our high caliber performance on that project led to a follow-on contract directly with the client telephone company.

Working for the telephone company, we provided training and solved many internal process issues in ordering, engineering, billing and IT. The telephone company's Network Operations Center experienced over 65 major problems identified before we stepped in. Within 3 months, that backlog was down to less than 5 problems thanks in no small part to our involvement.

Now, we are involved in multiple projects for multiple companies forming a very small consortium of highly energized, focused and knowledgeable independent consultants. Our experience ranges from operations and engineering within a telephone company to various IT functions including integration, report writing, and such.

Shoot us an email describing your project any way you'd like, and we'll contact you within 24 hours to schedule our introduction.


Phone: 770-893-7626
Email: contact@strickland-designs.com